Scott's Bio - The Early Years:

Unfortunately, things didn't go as planned for the aspiring D.J. The Radio industry didn't welcome him with the open arms he imagined, so he supported himself with various odd jobs as he hit the road from Indianapolis to Little Rock to Los Angeles looking for work in radio.

Scott thought his road to becoming a radio D.J. hit a bump in the road when Uncle Sam came calling and invited (drafted) him to become part of the U.S. Army, instead it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. While serving in Fort Bragg, North Carolina, he got his very first radio job, working weekends at WFBS-AM 1490. He was off and running. After being transferred to Fort Benning, Georgia, he quickly hooked up with WCLS-AM 1580 Columbus.

Shortly thereafter, Scott was honorably discharged from the U.S. Army, and went on to get his first full time job, working the 7 p.m. to midnight shift at WABB Radio in Mobile, Alabama.

It was there where "SUPERSHAN" was born. He was the fastest mouth in the south. The ratings exploded, finally hitting an unheard of 72 share of the nighttime audience.

From Mobile, "SUPERSHAN" made stops in Memphis and Nashville with more huge ratings stories.

By the time he hit Hotlanta, he dropped the teenybopper "SUPERSHAN" moniker and returned to being Scott Shannon. Again, ratings exploded in Atlanta, taking QXI from 10th place to 2nd place in under 2 years.

Scott's next radio challenge came in Washington D.C., where he programmed WPGC-FM. Once again the ratings gods shined on him, he left the station firmly planted in the #1 spot.

From D.C. he headed for sunny Tampa, Florida where he took over as program director and morning show co-host at WRBQ-FM. It was there that Scott along with sidekick, Cleveland Wheeler, developed the famed "Morning Zoo" format.

Scott described the "Zoo" as a "Saturday Night Live", "Tonight Show", and Talk Radio hybrid, along with generous portions of parody songs, comedy skits, and biting editorials. Within 12 months, WRBQ (known as Q-105), developed the biggest share of adult listeners of any radio station in America. The "Morning Zoo" was the biggest hit in U.S. Radio.

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